18 AMAZING DIY Bath Bombs

Let’s face it, bath bombs are totally cool! The downside is that many of these relaxing little nuggets are on the expensive side. There is an easy solution, however. Save money by making your own DIY bath bombs in all of your favorite scents at home. With a few ingredients and supplies, it isn’t difficult to make some pretty impressive little bombs! Here are just some of the best bath bombs that I absolutely love and you will too!

18 amazing lush DIY bath bombs that are easy to make. See many recipes from natural to galexy to scented bath bombs! So many great ideas.

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18 Amazing DIY Bath Bombs

Mason jar DIY bath bombs and 17 more handmade bath bombs recipes!Mason Jar Cuteness

Love Mason Jars? So do I and this Mason Jar lush bath bombs idea will send all mason jar lovers running to the store to make their own!

Lush lavender DIY bath bombs and more!Lush Inspired Bombs

Need I say more? How pretty and how inviting. It really does make you want to jump in the bath and relax. These gorgeous starfish homemade bath bombs are made to impress.

See 18 scented, easy to make and lush DIY bath bombs Starfish Fabulousness!

Can you think of a cuter way to soak in the tub, than with this adorable starfish lush bath bombs recipe! Such an easy to follow recipe and perfect for any ocean loving adult and a fun idea for kids.

Here are some bath bomb making kits to get you started.

Orange DIY bath bombsTherapeutic Orange Bath Bombs

These therapeutic orange bath bombs have an uplifting scent, which also helps to calm both your body and mind. Add a bit of mica or body glitter to the recipe for a little sparkle!

See 18 simple DIY bath bombs that you will love to makeThe Perfect Gift!

The have to be the best lush bath bombs and you will simply love them! What better way to gift bath bombs than to add them into a miniature porcelain bathtub! I absolutely love the look of these bath bombs and how they’re displayed. An interesting technique in making these is that they are made with pigment as opposed to liquid coloring which makes the color much easier to mix through.

Lavender DIY bath bombs and 17 more that will inspire yopu to make your own homemade bath bombsLavender Relaxation

The beat thing about this lavender bath bomb recipe is that it is as natural as you can get. Ingredients include organic cornstarch and coconut oil. Three different essential oils are blended together, to make the bombs smell absolutely heavenly. So if you want to learn how to make bath bombs the natural way, look no further!

DIY bath bombsThe Perfect Gift In A Jar

I absolutely love these tiny fish and heart bath bombs and what better way to say you love someone than putting them into a nice jar with a pretty gift tag!

DIY bath bombs that are simple and easy to make. Great homemade bath bombsRefreshing Baths with Peppermint

These peppermint bombs actually fizzle when you’re taking a shower. They’re great to use in the morning when you’re trying your best to wake up and start the day. Using a kitchen mixer to mix up the ingredients is recommended. This is such an easy recipe for bath bombs and I am all about quick and easy!

Gorgeous DIY bath bombs including this clam glitter bath bomb! See all 18 here!Mermaid Shell Are So Cute!

These mermaid shells make such a cool bath bombs! How adorable are they? They would make a cute little summer birthday gift, especially for anyone who loves mermaids or the beach. The “pearls” used in this recipe are actually candy that is readily available online. If you love colorful bath bombs, you will love making these!

DIY bath bombs Orange Scent is Amazing 

If you have never made bath bombs and want to start making bath bombs for yourself, family or to sell, this tutorial is very easy to follow and comprehensive.

This one is another orange fragrance recipe. I didn’t lie when I said orange fragrance rocks! Check our this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G homemade orange scrub, it will go perfectly with some pretty DIY lush bath bombs!

DIY bath bombs perfect for kidsDIY Finding Dory- Oh SO Cute!

Make your own bath bomb Finding Dory style!! The ingredients in these approved for kids bath bombs help to moisturize the skin and detoxify the body. Of course, they’re great for parents too! Bath time with Dory and Nemo makes getting clean a whole lot of fun!

simple and scented DIY bath bombsDIY Lavender Bombs Using Lavender Buds!

And of course I doubled up on lavender DIY bath bombs because they simply are “the bomb!” (haha). I love how these ones have the lavender buds really only for display purposes. It gives them a very vintage, homemade in France type of feel!

DIY bath bombs that will get you insired and making your own lush homemade bath bombs!Rainbow Sprinkles

These soothing little heart-shaped DIY bath bombs are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Don’t you think? This particular recipe calls for cotton candy fragrance oil and neon pink food coloring. But, when you think about it, the possibilities are almost endless.

These DIY bath bombs are fabulous, expecially this galaxy bath bombs which we absolutely loveGalaxy Fun

These “spacey” galaxy bath bombs are perfect for kids who love all things outer space. They’re made by pressing two layers together and allowing them to dry. The oil blend used in this recipe (eucalyptus, basil and peppermint) is known to help with focus issues.

Gorgeous beauty and the best DIY bath bombs plus 17 more bath bomb recipes to inspire youDIY Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the Beast is totally the rage, right now! These bombs, pretty enough for any Princess, are made using coconut oil. The red roses are actually Wilton rose candies. Since some essential oils are not recommended for children, this recipe uses baking vanilla and lemon flavoring. What a great idea and what clever bath bomb ingredients!

We love these easy DIY bath bombs you can make yourselfPastel Colored Bombs

I’m in love with these pastel colored DIY bath bombs. Find a huge glass jar and lid and display them in your bathroom. They are ready to be used any time.

DIY bath bombsSleepy Time

The idea for these DIY bath bombs came about as a result of watching a show on Cartoon Network. How fun is that? Although they won’t put kids to sleep, they do look like the sleepy apples in the show. Choose whatever essential oil you like.

See 18 DIY bath bombs that you will absolutely love!Matcha Green Tea Bath Bombs

Green tea has many health benefits. Matcha, which is powdered green tea is used in this recipe. Purchase it online or from most specialty or Asian markets. The same tea can even be used as an ingredient and other spa products or desserts. In this case, a little goes a long way!

Don’t want to make your own? Here are some cute bath bombs you can buy on Amazon!

18 amazing lush DIY bath bombs that are easy to make. See many recipes from natural to galexy to scented bath bombs! So many great ideas. They also make the perfect gift.


All natural Homemade Sugar Scrub made from roses and coconut oil. Learn the recipe here and get free printable gift tags!

Vanilla And Green Tea Oatmeal Face Scrub. Beautiful, healing, calming, antioxidant face scrub that leaves your skin silky soft and hydrated. A simple DIY and a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I love using it on my face, it smells and feels so good!

This is the most delicious homemade orange scrub ever!

DIY Lavender Body Scrub


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