DIY Cork Board Tutorial to Keep Yourself Organized

I don’t know about you, but it seems I’m constantly losing notes on my kitchen counter.  The best solution is something to tack them to, I think a DIY Cork Board will work perfectly.

The blue frame makes this DIY cork board look a little coastal.

Hi, I’m Toni from Small Home Soul and this is my first guest post here at Pastels and Macarons.  I’m thankful to Maria for inviting me to share my projects with you.  And I’m excited to share this project because it’s a simple one anyone can make.

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Having a DIY cork board in the kitchen helps stay organized.


My daughter works for a couple who own a small winery where they regularly have wine tasting events.  As you can imagine they collect a large number of corks, which they happily shared with my daughter.  Of course being the awesome kid she is, she shared them with me too! They’ve been sitting in a bag in my garage for way too long so making a DIY Cork Board is the perfect project to put some of them to use.

Hanging a DIY cork board in the kitchen keeps notes handy.

But what should I use as the frame?  I thought about using an old drawer or picture frame.


Large Supply of Wine Corks

Frame or paper mache box

Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Black Craft Paint

Small Spray Shelter

Spray Paint in Rustoleum’s Lagoon

Manila Rope for handle

Sharp knife to trim corks as necessary

Command Hook for hanging


Here’s the before:You can repurpose almost anything into a DIY cork board.

I settled on using part of a very outdated hat box I got from a thrift store for $1.  It was very ugly and I can’t believe I even brought it home.

For the DIY cork board I used only the lid and will save the bottom for another project.  I was planning to stand the corks on end which means there will be some gaps.

Paint the inside of the DIY cork board black to hide gaps.

To minimize the gaps I painted the inside of the lid with black craft paint.  The inside didn’t need to be perfect since it won’t really show.  I also painted over the edge and a bit onto the side because I’ll be painting the outside a different color.  I wanted the edge to remain black for a nice contrast.

DIY cork board frames can be customized with any fun color.

Once the black paint was dry I took the lid out to the garage and set it up in my table top spray shelter.  Elevating it on a box made it easy to rotate as I gave it a few light coats of spray paint in Rustoleums beautiful shade of Lagoon.

After all the paint was dry it was time to heat up the glue gun and start gluing the corks into the DIY Cork Board.  I did a dry run so I was sure they would fit how I wanted.  This step isn’t really necessary, you could probably wing it and it’ll come out beautiful.

When making your DIY cork board work from the outside in.

I started first with the outside edge and then worked my way from one side to the other.

Use a glue gun to attach corks to your DIY Cork Board.

You could also glue from the outsides in toward the center.  I only glued the bottom of the corks to the lid.  This gave me have some flexibility for moving and squeezing a few corks into tight spaces.

Add a rope handle to your DIY cork board so you can hang it anywhere.

Using a length of Manila Rope for a handle I used the glue gun to glue the two ends on the bottom of the DIY cork board.  Then I glued up each side about 1/3 of the circle.

Hanging it in the Perfect Place

After it was done I was ready to hang it so I could start using it right away.  Our utility closet is in the kitchen and has been blank ever since we did our Kitchen Renovation.  My hubby’s been asking to hang a calendar there but I like the DIY Cork Board idea better.

Hang your DIY cork board from a sturdy hook.

A Command hook is going to work perfect to hang it from the door since I didn’t want to drill a hole into the door.  Holding the hook I hung the DIY Cork Board from it and moved it up and down until I found the right height.  I marked a light spot on the door with a pencil under the bottom of the hook.  Lastly, I used a tape measure to ensure it was centered on the door before I affixed the adhesive of the hook to the door.

Now it’s ready to use.  Maybe I’ll even get one of those mini calendars to make my husband happy.

Hold notes on your DIY cork board with fun pushpins.

Hanging this in the doorway to the kitchen is the perfect spot.  My little reminder notes won’t get lost any longer.  I can even add a few pictures too.

A rope handle on your DIY cork board gives it a coastal vibe.

These intricately designed corks that rim the DIY cork board adds a nice visual detail.

Having a DIY cork board in the kitchen helps stay organized.

Keep important reminders handy on a DIY cork board.

Thanks for letting me share my DIY Cork Board with you today.

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Learn to make a DIY Cork Board from a hat box. A great idea for organization in any room of your home. Use wine corks and hang on the wall. We painted the box to give it a beautiful turquoise finish!

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