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Plan a Laser Tag Birthday Party like this one and you will be Mom of the Year!

Laser tag is the best! You get to shoot your friends and vice versa. In fact, a Laser Tag Birthday Party is brilliant. If your child loves laser tag, then it’s time to start planning this theme ASAP. Everything from the fun colors and party decorations to the food, cake, desserts, and party favors will be an absolute hit with your child and his or her friends! Whether you’re creating this for a little guy or a little girl or a big guy or girl, they’re going to love this party. There is so much to show you within this laser tag party, so lets get started!

Laser Tag Birthday Party - Pretty My Party


How to throw a laser tag birthday party with some tips

Keep it simple: While you want to make this party perfect for your little laser tag lover, don’t drive yourself crazy. This party is easy to set up, which makes it even more fun. 

Get the kids involved: Unless you’re making this a surprise laser tag party, involve the kids and let them have fun with it. When they see the final product, they’re going to be amazed. 

Colors are super important: As you can see, colors are everything when it comes to party planning. While you can have a basic black background, these colors really help bring everything together. 

Let the kids have fun: After you’ve set all of this up, it can be hard to see the kids slowly take everything apart. However, it’s their way of telling you “this party is fun and we love everything about it.” 

Laser Tag Party Dessert Table

The balloons are clearly a great part of this laser tag birthday party. By mixing fancy balloons with basic balloons, they were clearly able to create an amazing backdrop for the laser tag party! Balloons are the fun part of the party. The kids can go crazy with them, but they really help bring the party decorations together.



Laser Tag Birthday Party Welcome Sign

If you have ever done laser tag, then you know this Laser Tag Birthday Party welcome sign is everything. Look at the detail, they did an incredible job. Yes, the crepe paper adds a lot to the whole demeanor of the sign, but the sign itself is perfect for the theme!



Laser Tag Themed Party Table

Laser Tag Birthday Party Centerpiece

Printing out the target laser party supplies sounds so simple! Punch a few holes in them and set the laser party decor up as you see fit. Easy peasy. Plus, the pretend guns are a nice touch. 



Laser Tag Party Place Setting




Laser Tag Party Printables


Laser Tag Birthday Party Ideas

The targets, number 8 balloon, colorful drinks, and party favors all help bring together the theme on the party table. Wherever you look, there’s a target!



Laser Tag Birthday Balloons

Here the balloons are stealing the show once again. They really make the dessert table pop! Balloon garland is all the rage right now and makes any party theme come to life! When it comes to planning a laser tag birthday party, think smarter not harder. 



Laser Tag Cake Topper

This cake is simple, but it looks so yummy! By adding a simple topper to the cake, it comes to life. Color coordinating the cake with the rest of the decor helps too. However, cakes just get eaten, so there isn’t always a reason to make them crazy fancy. Just remember that when you’re going heavy on the decor, buying a store bought cake and adding a topper is completely okay! Don’t go crazy trying to make everything by hand because you’ll drive yourself crazy. 



Laser Tag Party Food

Donuts are delicious. Plus it helps that they match the party decor too! What a fun idea! All the snacks look super easy to take on the go, which is awesome. Everyone knows that little party goers don’t sit still. They want to be able to eat on the go and this party creator really captured that with the variety of desserts on the dessert table.



Laser Tag Party Food

How fun are these chocolate covered Oreos?! Desserts are an easy way to help bring this laser tag birthday theme to life!



Laser Tag Party Food

Laser Tag Party Food

Popcorn is the easiest type of yummy party food. You can pop it quickly and add it to any container. We adore these little laser tag popcorn holders. The kids can easily carry this around during the party. Eating and partying just got a whole lot easier. 



Laser Tag Party Food

The Twizzlers were also a fun addition to the laser tag party supplies. The different colors help bring the laser party theme to life. When one thinks of a laser party, they think of bright colors. Oranges, blues, reds, and yellows are all the perfect colors to making this laser party come to life.



Laser Tag Party Favors

Sigh, the laser tag birthday party may be over, but at least the kids get to take something fun home with them. Your guests will be thinking that they’ve never been to a party this cool. Being able to take these laser tag party favors home with them is sure to make their day!



Laser Tag Party Favors

Just look at the FUN in these laser tag birthday party favors. The red, blue, black, and yellow scream Laser Tag! The target pinatas are so much fun and make the most memorable party favor for the kids. 



Laser Tag Party Favors

There you have it, how to throw a laser tag birthday party! You may just surprise yourself with how simple it is. From the party favors to the decor, make it easy! You can easily take this decor to a park and set it up. 

Enjoy eating the cake and watching the kids play laser tag. All your hard work is going to pay off! It won’t be long before your kid is asking you for another laser tag birthday party! Do you plan on having a party like this? We’d love to hear your tips for throwing the best laser tag party ever!


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