Pool Towel Rack DIY in 30 Minutes. Perfect for Summer!

It is almost summer and with the change of the season comes pool time.  Nothing is better than spending time outside and in the pool during the summer, but over the past few years have experienced a dilemma.  We lacked a place to throw our towels pool-side. With a few simple materials from the hardware store, I created a DIY pool towel rack in less than 30 minutes!

This DIY pool towel rack solves the problem of lacking a place to hang towels pool-side.

I’m Allison and I blog over at Upright and Caffeinated.  I’m so pleased to be sharing this pool towel rack tutorial with you all today.

Let me give you a little background.  My in-laws have five acres nestled between two working farms.  It is truly picturesque.  There’s a split-rail fence with wire and a locked gate surrounding the pool.  Although there is a table and chairs by the deep end of the pool, the graduated steps are in the shallow end of the pool which is where most everyone enters and exits the pool.

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Stop getting rust or splinters on your pool towels and make this DIY pool towel rack.


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For the past few years, we have been draping our towels over the fence. This has been causing problems since the wire is rusted a bit and transfers to the towels and splinters of the fence sometimes stick to the towels.

We needed a solution to keep the towels off the fence. I thought about all of the different materials I could use…pvc pipe would have to be thick to hold the weight of the towels over a ten foot space, and I didn’t want to use wood as it would rot.  Galvanized pipe seemed to be the best material, but I wanted to avoid the pipe rusting and staining the towels.

Pool noodles are perfect for keeping you afloat, but they are also a perfect solution to slip over galvanized pipe and hang pool towels!


Ten feet of 1/2 inch galvanized pipe

Galvanized 90 degree elbow connector

6 inch galvanized steel pipe nipple

Galvanized flange

Two pool noodles

A ten foot galvanized pipe and a couple of pool noodles is what it takes to make a DIY pool towel rack.

Make sure to use ½ inch pipe, connector, nipple and flange.  The opening of a standard $1 pool noodle is exactly ½ inch, so everything fits perfectly together!

How to Make a DIY Pool Towel Rack

Begin by screwing on the elbow connector to one end of the galvanized pipe.

My a DIY pool towel rack with simple materials in less than thirty minutes.

Use a pipe wrench to ensure the elbow connector is on tight.

Only a drill and a pipe wrench are the only tools needed to make this DIY pool towel rack.

Next, screw on the nipple to the connector and then screw the flange to the bottom of the nipple.

diy pool towel rack

Slip the pool noodles onto the other end of the pipe and follow the steps above for the open end of the pipe.

It takes less than an hour to make this DIY pool towel rack.

Screw one flange into the wood post and use a level to make sure the pool towel rack is on straight, then screw the other flange into the other wood post.

This DIY pool towel mounts right to your existing pool fence.

This DIY pool towel rack was a simple and inexpensive fix to our problem.  We now have a great place to hang our towels while we swim.

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Even better, we also have a great place to dry our towels once we are out of the pool for the day.  The pool noodle doesn’t retain water, so the towels dry quickly and are safe from flying away.

Hang towels, floaties, and bathing suit cover ups on this DIY pool towel rack.

We also use this pool towel rack to dry our kids’ floaties too!  This is the perfect solution to our problem of not having a place to hang towels by the shallow end of the pool.  Our family has lots of picnics through the summer and this will be a life-saver this summer as we entertain friends and family.

If DIY is not your thing, you can check out some of our favorite pool towel racks on Amazon:

Learn how to make an on fence DIY pool towel rack for outdoor use with this easy to follow tutorial! Make it in under 30 minutes. It's a great idea for the swimming season!

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