Succulent Terrarium Faux Five Minute Craft For Your Home

This very easy and quick 5 minute faux succulent terrarium craft is the perfect decorating piece! The best thing about it? It looks expensive and not at all hand made. So get some fake succulents and lets get started!  Read on to see the full tutorial.

An easy DIY, this sweet and pretty succulent terrarium makes the perfect statement piece in your home decor.

Hello all of you lovely readers of Pastels and Macarons! This is Jelica from the blog A Pretty Fix where I share affordable style, crafts and DIY options for the modern, eclectic home.  Today, I’m popping in to share this easy-breezy, 5-minute faux succulent terrarium that’ll add a fresh and stylish touch to any part of your home.

This craft was incredibly simple to make. It came together in no time using ‘leftovers’ from a previous home project. If you are a crafter or DIY’er, then you probably know what I mean. My craft area of the basement is a storehouse of items left over from other DIY’s, including misshapen felt, bits of yarn, half-used glue sticks, partially cut craft paper, rags of dried paint, and…well, you get the idea. And then there are those ‘mystery’ piles that have yet to be sorted 😉 Some bits remain there for weeks; others for several months. You just never know when that next craft inspiration will come 🙂

In the case of this succulent terrarium, the leftovers – faux succulents – barely hit the floor before I knew precisely what I’d be using them for next. And it came together in a flash!

So, if quick and easy is your thing, then you will love today’s tutorial!

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Make an easy succulent terrarium using a few simple materials like faux flowers, sand, and a geometric container.

5 Minute Faux Succulent Terrarium

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Materials Needed

Recommended Craft Supplies

How to make this easy succulent terrarium

To get the right heights of your stems, hold them against the container and then lay on a flat surface and cut each stem.

Learn how easy it is to DIY a faux succulent terrarium.

Make sure to design your floral arrangement in advance. This will enable you to determine the various lengths of each stem.

Just add some sand and a few faux succulents to make this 5-minute succulent terrarium.

Add your first layer of sand. Once added, shake the container back and forth to allow the sand to settle, creating a flat surface.

All you need is a geometric glass container, some sand, and artificial flowers to create this faux succulent terrarium.

Unlike the first layer, you will not want to shake the container. Otherwise, you might run the risk of mixing the two shades of sand. Simply spread the sand with a spoon. If it still appears uneven, very softly shake the container for the last bits to settle.

A geometric glass or mason jar with some sand as your base is the perfect foundation for your faux succulent terrarium.

Now it’s time to add the succulents, one at a time, by pushing each stem into the sand.

Insert artificial florals into the sand base of this artifical succulent terrarium.

This DIY succulent terrarium makes the perfect centerpiece.

Be careful not to move things around too much. You want to maintain that layered look you’ve created with the sand.

Now you can add this stunning 5-minute faux succulent terrarium to your space.

Learn how to make a faux succulent terrarium in just 5 minutes! Use it as a centerpiece or integrate into any home decor arrangement in your home.

Make the perfect statement with this sweet little artificial succulent terrarium.

Integrate it into your current decor or make it a centrepiece for any of your arrangements around the home.

This DIY succulent terrarium is easy to make with just a few simple materials. With some sand, faux succulents, and a glass jar, you'll have the cutest little statement piece for your home decor.

Learn how simple it is to up your home style with this modern DIY faux succulent terrarium. Takes just 5 minutes to make!

You can add this faux succulent terrarium to just about any area in your home, including:

  • On a coffee table
  • On a dining room table
  • On a buffet or console
  • On a side table
  • On a kitchen island
  • On an outdoor bistro or coffee table
  • On the bathroom sink or toilet tank
  • On open shelving or bookcase display

The sky’s the limit with a pretty craft like this one. Indoors or out, this simple 5-minute faux succulent terrarium will add a touch of beauty and life into your space – even if you have a black thumb 😉

Love this idea but don’t have the time to make it? Here are some of our Fav picks on Amazon. 

Happy decorating!

Make a DIY mini geometric faux succulent terrarium by layering sand and using assorted succulent plants. Learn how to make this fabulous gold and glass terrarium in five minutes!

Learn how to make a mini DIY faux succulent terrarium in only a few minutes. Start by layering sand and using assorted succulent plants to finish the look. This is such an easy idea.

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